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This page is intended, initially, to provide a central location for the Association's photograph archive - the pictorial record of the various doings of the members, from the formal (the Annual Dinner) to the calamitous (the 2010 Bowls tournament) and all places in between. All contributions are welcome, provided there is some connection (however tenuous) with the PGSA.
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News Items and Site Changes

(21st December 2015). Two former pupils would like to make contact with any of their contemporaries. Wesley Weir, now residing in Northern Ireland, was at the school from 1943 to 1948. He vividly remembers the names of the headmaster and many other teachers, and would like to hear from any pupils who were at the school at that time, together with any information on the teachers during the 1940's and since. John Fletcher, now living in the Philippines, was at the school 1944 to 1949 and was a good friend of George Goring. Although only a year apart, Wesley and John do not know each other! Anyone who remembers, or would like to correspond with, either of them should email the webmaster, who will pass on contact details.

(5th December 2015). For the delectation of our other Members a report has been attached of a recent experience by one particular Member of a closer association with the Grim Reaper than he would have chosen, although fortunately the blade was off target. See here.

(28th November 2015). The annual Hot Pot Supper took place last evening, with the usual suspects present plus a couple of new faces, which is always interesting. Pix below, courtesy of Maurice.

(20th November 2015). The final draft of the proposed new Constitution has been circulated to all Members for their consideration and can be seen here.

(8th November 2015). The annual Service of Remembrance took place at Preston Minster this afternoon. Pix from Maurice Barker below.

(16th October 2015). The "WW1 Trench Warfare" presentation programmed for this evening transmogrified itself into a social evening - see below.

(8th September 2015). The 2015 PGSA Masters' Golf Annual Competition took place today, at Ashton-with-Stodday Golf course, near Lancaster. Report and pix below.

(1st September 2015). Recently the Executive Council took the decision to approve an examination of the Association's Constitution, with the intention to amend the existing version to recognise the various changes which had already been voted through at AGMs and to acknowledge the significant changes in society and culture since the previous "official" issue. However even a cursory reading showed that amendment was not an option - the need was for a complete re-write. To this end a preliminary exercise has been undertaken to prepare a draft of a new version, for Members' comments and suggestions. The Council's intention is to prepare a final draft for presentation to, and approval by, Members at the 2016 AGM. The existing version, dated September 1965 and published March 1967, can be seen here. The current draft of the amended version can be seen here.

PToday - 2nd July 2015 - saw the annual PGSA Masters Bowling Competition take place at Guy's Thatched Hamlet at Bilsborrow. The event, beautifully organised as usual by Tony Olivine, was an overall success - marred only by Tony himself taking a tumble and breaking his left hip. He is now incarcerated in the Royal Preston Hospital awaiting surgery to install a new one. Our commiserations and good wishes go to Tony and Jen, who will be pleased to receive contributions to the RPH car park fund.

24th April 2015
The photograph alongside purports to show our Secretary Charlie Billington (r) and our Minutes Secretary Phil Billsborough in the grounds of the Ancient Oak pub at Cottam, about to enjoy a pint after they had just completed their first circuit of Preston's Guild Wheel. A valiant effort, their names can now be added to the list of distinguished Old Boys who have already successfully circumnavigated this challenging course.
charlie's guild wheel
15th April 2015
Revision of the 2015/2016 Calendar of events
26th March 2015
Amendment of the history of the Football Club
1st April 2015
Ernest Walters BA (1903 - 1993), a former President of the Association, is commemorated in the Harris Reference Library, Preston, by a bound collection of "The Hoghtonian", in 8 volumes, the inside front cover of each volume having the decorated inscription shown here. He had a particular interest in the Football Club and "The Hoghtonian" for January 1948 included an article, over 3 pages, by him about the history of the Club (pp54-56). The curious thing is that, in this Memorial bound issue, of the thousands of pages these are the 3 that are missing! Does anyone know why? Fortunately the Reference Library holds a second complete set of "The Hoghtonian" which does include these pages.

Event Reports

13th Jan 2015Cabinet Meeting
29th Jan 2015Visit to Fulwood Barracks
14th Mar 2015Annual Dinner
9th April 2015Executive Council Meeting
8th May 2015AGM and Hot Pot Supper
12th May 2015The PGSA Golf Tournament
18th June 2015The Annual School Visit
1st July 2015The Roebuck Cup
8th Sept 2015The PGSA Masters Golf
17th Sept 2015Visit to NM Arboretum
8th Oct 2015Executive Council Meeting
16th Oct 2015WW1 Presentation
8th Nov 2015Remembrance Service
27th Nov 2015Hot Pot Supper

Calendar (subject to revision)

14th Jan 2016Executive Council Meeting
19th Mar 2016Annual Dinner
7th April 2016Executive Council Meeting
6th May 2016AGM and Hot Pot Supper
10th May 2016PGSA Golf
16th June 2016Visit to School
6th July 2016Roebuck Cup
14th July 2016Executive Council Meeting
6th Sept 2016PGSA Masters Golf

PGSA Football Club

The "Old Boys" Football Club was formed in 1906 and engaged in an expanding series of matches annually, initially as Club games before becoming a league team, until 1914, when the outbreak of WW1 resulted in a temporary demise. The hiatus lasted until 1927. Following its re-formation the Club performed with some success at various levels of the local football leagues until the 2012/13 season, at which time the decision was taken to bring its existence to a close. For more details of its history and achievements see here.

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Hot Pot Supper
27th November 2015

8th November 2015

PGSA Masters Golf
8th September 2015

PGSA Masters Bowls
2nd July 2015

The School Visit
18th June 2015

School visit 2015
12th May 2015

PGSA 015
8th May 2015

AGM 2015
Annual Dinner
14th March 2015