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This page is intended, initially, to provide a central location for the Association's photograph archive - the pictorial record of the various doings of the members, from the formal (the Annual Dinner) to the calamitous (the 2010 Bowls tournament) and all places in between. All contributions are welcome, provided there is some connection (however tenuous) with the PGSA.
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News Items and Site Changes

(27th April 2016). Yesterday Dave and Rhona Sharp, accompanied by our Secretary Charlie, attended Ron Foreman's 100th Birthday party, at Coniston House, Chorley. It was quite an affair, with plenty of food and entertainment, including a group. Ron received many cards, including one from the Members of the Association, but the obvious highlight was the one from the Queen!


(19th April 2016). Tuesday 26th April is the 100th birthday of Mr R Foreman (aka Ronnie or Carrots) popular former member of staff, well known as raconteur, gifted pianist, book-binder and illustrator (and for occasionally mentioning Spanish). Yesterday 2 members of Council - Charlie Billington and Jim Goring - visited Ronnie at his home in Chorley to acknowledge this auspicious occasion and to pass on the congratulations and warm wishes of the Association.


(21st March 2016). The Association's Annual Dinner took place last Saturday (19th March), at the Samlesbury Hotel, and was a great success, as usual. The guest speaker was Bob Helm, retired Detective Superintendent from the Lancashire Constabulary (among other experiences) who kept an attentive audience entertained. He summed up his career as "....getting his own back on behalf of those who couldn't get their own back" and was warmly applauded.

(5th March 2016). Mick Tyrer has sent us this interesting Invitation:-

"A LONDON EVENT: SUNDAY 8th May 2016. Mick is inviting any OLD Boy and his family to join him at an event run by LANCASTRIANS IN LONDON. This is the Lancastrians' Annual Church Service, held in the Queen's Chapel in the Savoy - The Queen's London Church. It is an honour and privilege to be allowed inside our Duke's very well appointed chapel. The service is multi-denominational, based on C of E. A vicar from Lancs or born in Lancs will be the guest vicar. The service lasts about an hour starting at 15.00 following which I suggest we go to a local tavern for a period of friendship and socialising. Contact me on or also have a chat at the Annual Dinner."

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Event Reports

8th May 2015AGM and Hot Pot Supper
12th May 2015The PGSA Golf Tournament
18th June 2015The Annual School Visit
1st July 2015The Roebuck Cup
8th Sept 2015The PGSA Masters Golf
17th Sept 2015Visit to NM Arboretum
8th Oct 2015Executive Council Meeting
16th Oct 2015WW1 Presentation
8th Nov 2015Remembrance Service
27th Nov 2015Hot Pot Supper
14th Jan 2016Executive Council Meeting
19th Mar 2016Annual Dinner
7th April 2016Executive Council Meeting

Calendar subject to revision)

6th May 2016AGM and Hot Pot Supper
10th May 2016PGSA Golf
16th June 2016Visit to School
6th July 2016Roebuck Cup
14th July 2016Executive Council Meeting
6th Sept 2016PGSA Masters Golf

PGSA Football Club

The "Old Boys" Football Club was formed in 1906 and engaged in an expanding series of matches annually, initially as Club games before becoming a league team, until 1914, when the outbreak of WW1 resulted in a temporary demise. The hiatus lasted until 1927. Following its re-formation the Club performed with some success at various levels of the local football leagues until the 2012/13 season, at which time the decision was taken to bring its existence to a close. For more details of its history and achievements see here.

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Annual Dinner
19th March 2016

8th November 2015

PGSA Masters Golf
8th September 2015

PGSA Masters Bowls
2nd July 2015

The School Visit
18th June 2015

School visit 2015
12th May 2015

PGSA 015
8th May 2015

AGM 2015